Access to Records

We take care to make sure our clinical records are clear and accurate

We take the utmost care in writing and recording clinical records to ensure that they are clear, accurate, and appropriately detailed, and we endeavour to comply with the guidance given in the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Code of conduct on this subject.

Clinical records are the property of, and shall be retained by Axe Valley Veterinary Practice. Our clients do have the right to access the information that we hold about them, under data protection legislation as well as under professional guidelines set by the RCVS. If you believe that information contained within the records is inaccurate or incorrect then we shall discuss your concerns with you, and make a record of the discussion. It should be noted however that diagnosis and clinical opinion is a matter of clinical judgement and there is no obligation to amend professional opinion. At your request, we will provide copies of any relevant clinical and client records, as well as copies of any diagnostic images that we hold. There may be a charge for this service.