Information on how to keep your feline companions happy and healthy

Advice for cat owners

Cats make excellent companions, whilst they are independent they also love affection and cuddles but usually on their terms. Some cats stay indoors as house cats, though most are allowed out, where they become instinctive hunters catching prey.

If you wish to put a collar on your cat e.g with a bell to alert prey or reflective for road safety, we recommend that you use the quick release collars which give way under force to prevent cats getting caught and either sustaining injuries under their arms from getting their legs caught in the collar whilst trying to struggle free or more seriously being strangled by their collar.

Pedigree kittens come in all shapes and sizes and price can vary enormously. We strongly advise that you check the background and records of any breeder and that they have had all the relevant health checks done on both parents and young. Many rescue societies such as The Cats ProtectionRSPCA are over flowing with lovely cats; young and old, looking for loving homes. It may well be worth contacting them or looking at their websites, you may just find the cat or kitten you are looking for in your new companion. The Cats Protection (Glastonbury and Wells Branch)