6 Month Puppy/Kitten Check

Why we like to touch base and invite you back for an adolescent check up with our nurses

Time flies when your having fun, and it is incredible to think a lot of owners will have had their puppy from 6-8 weeks old and now they are nearly 6 months old. Developmentally they will have been through lots of changes, no doubt you will have noticed how much they have grown physically getting taller, longer and heavier! Most pets this age will have lost all of their deciduous teeth (baby teeth) and now have adult teeth, some will have starting having seasons and several are displaying sexual behaviour.

During your consultation the nursing team will give your Puppy/Kitten:

General Nose to Tail Examination

We will be looking at their weight and overall body condition score, checking they are on track. Ensuring they are on a suitable diet for their life stage and advise re feeding correctly. We examine the teeth and will discuss parasite prevention, making sure you are using the best products to suit your life style.


We will talk you through the pros and cons of neutering verses not neutering and/or breeding in a non judgmental way, helping you make the right choice for you and your pet.

Queries or Problems

Adolescent checks are a great opportunity to discuss any queries or problems, we can offer advise in training, boarding, car travel, all those little niggly things you've been wanting to ask.

Most importantly, visiting our nurses is a great opportunity to keep your puppy/kitten used to coming into the surgery to be handled, have cuddles and treats (if allowed!) and no nasty needles.