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At Axe Valley we would recommend neutering your cat or dog in most circumstances

Neutering your dog

At Axe Valley we encourage our clients to have their dogs neutered, unless the dog is being used for breeding at a later date. If you are unsure we would encourage you to discuss this with the Veterinary Surgeon when you bring in your puppy for their initial vaccinations, then they can go through your options with you.

We advise that both male and female dogs are neutered around the age of 6 months, there are occasions when the Vet may feel that this is best done later but as a general rule 6 months is the ideal time.

Neutering your cat

We urge that if you do take on a kitten or young cat, that you have your cat neutered. Unlike dogs who normally come in to season twice a year, cats have a "breeding season". This usually starts around February / March and continues until September / October. It is brought on by the longer days. The female cat will come into season every 21 days unless she is mated, and can still become pregnant even if she is currently feeding a litter. Un-neutered male cats will travel a great distance if they sense a female is season, increasing the risk of early death due to road traffic accidents.

We therefore recommend that you neuter your cat at around 4-6 months of age. This will reduce the likelihood of unwanted litters, fighting, behavioural issues and wandering on to roads looking for a suitor!