Worming & Flea Treatment

Regular parasite control is important to ensure that they remain fit and healthy

Your cat's lifestyle can dictate which worming regime we recommend. For cats that are indoors and rarely hunt then we would recommend using a combined wormer and flea treatment on the back of the neck once monthly and then treatment for tapeworm every 6 months.

For the hunters out there, we would recommend the monthly combined wormer and flea treatment but your cat will need treating for tapeworm every 3 months in some cases this may be need to more frequent. Flea control is especially important with hunters as they often pick up little friends from their prey!!!

Regular parasite control should become part of your pets routine to ensure that they remain fit and healthy. A heavy burden of internal or external parasites can lead to serious health problems, such as anaemia, in the case of a heavy flea infestation.

Speak to a member of the reception, nursing team or the vet at your next visit, to receive your tailored flea and worming regime.