Reasons to join Four Paws

22 reasons to join the Four Paws Family Plan today

  1. Unlimited Consultations with one of our vets or nurses. Just pay for any tests, drugs or procedures required.
  2. 20% discount off selected long term medications.
  3. A full health examination with one of our vets each year.
  4. Health Check with one of our nurses, six months after your pet's annual vaccinations.
  5. Vaccinations - routine yearly boosters and kennel cough vaccinations are included with the addition of 10% off rabies vaccines too.
  6. Flea and Tick Treatment - the most effective prescription products to keep your pet flea and tick free throughout the year.
  7. Year-Round Worm Prevention - we'll recommend the treatment most suitable for your pet and best at protecting your family too.
  8. Optional Protection against lungworm and Echinococcus dependant on risk.
  9. Anal Gland Emptying - your dog can see one of our veterinary nurses whenever they need.
  10. Free nail clips with a veterinary nurse, as often as necessary.
  11. Free Microchipping, to give the best chance of being reunited with your pets if they are lost.
  12. 10% OFF dentals and dental products (including scale and polish, with extractions where necessary).
  13. 10% off all Axe Valley Diets
    and 25% off Royal Canin & Purina Prescription Diets purchased at the surgery.
  14. 10% off routine neutering.
  15. Free completion of insurance claim forms.

Plus, you will benefit from:

  1. Dental Health
  2. Diet
  3. Behaviour and Training

Plus, advice and guidance on:

  1. No joining fee
  2. No annual renewal fee
  3. Your membership price is fixed for 12 months
  4. Convenient payment by monthly direct debit
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